Recovery Coaching Services

Often when we get sober we still live our lives as though we’re drinking. We continue the same patterns, habits, thoughts, beliefs and emotional co-dependencies.

As your Recovery Coach, I’ll help you break free of these habits and release the fears attached to change. You’ll become more self-aware of your actions and thoughts.

And you’ll be happier.

We cannot expect our whole world to change just because we’ve removed a substance from our lives. Because we still have a lot of conditioning to undo.

Honestly, this is where the true work of recovery begins.

Through one-on-one recovery coaching, I’ll help you navigate where you were, where you are now and where you want to be on this journey in order to succeed. To truly be free.

Working With Me Remotely

– Book a 30-min. Discovery Call (complimentary for new clients)

– Book a 1-hr. Coaching Call ($125)

– Book a Coaching Package* of five 1-hr. calls ($555)

*Prepaid packages include weekly action-oriented assignments; weekly email and/or text check-ins; and a web-based link to store our collaborative materials. Plus, you’ll receive “Happy Mail,” including a “Mindfulness Recovery Toolbox,” shipped to your home prior to the first session.

In-Person Coaching

For those of you in the Austin, Texas area, I’m happy to meet in you in person.

Contact me to schedule your session

Still not sure? Check out “Are You Ready for Coaching?