Are you ready for recovery coaching?


You’re ready for recovery coaching if you want a better life. Because where you’re at (and how you’re feeling) is no longer working for you.

You’re ready to repair the relationships in your life . . . starting with yourself.

You’re ready to recognize and capitalize your strengths.

You’re ready to define your goals, make a plan and implement the plan.

You’re ready to become a more successful, productive and accountable version of yourself.

If you’re a mom, you’re ready to recognize that you’re an amazing mother and that you’ve done the best that you could. And that it’s time to start forgiving yourself.

You’re ready to learn who you are as a fabulous woman in recovery.

And you’re ready to start loving yourself again.

Jenn James - Ready for Recovery Coaching - Austin, TXIf you’re ready for recovery coaching, please consider booking an appointment with me.

The first step in asking for help can often be the hardest.

To help you “test the waters,” I offer a 30-minute no-obligation “Discovery” call so we can get to know each other.

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